How to do this and that

I had an interview for a public appointment today (I’ll let you know more about it if I’m successful). As part of my preparation, I read my own advice on how to have a good job interview. This is a page on my web site as part of a broader section on life skills which attracts a lot of supportive comments from users. The list of advice is as follows:
How To Be Happy
How To Be Healthy
How To Recognise A Stroke
How To Resolve Conflict
How To Use Time Well
How To Remember Things
How To Think Critically
How To Use Punctuation
How To Have A Good Job Interview
How To Have A Good Media Interview
How To Make A Good Speech
How To Make A Good Presentation
How To Be A Good Listener
How To Have A Good Meeting
How To Be A Good Leader
How To Build A Team
How To Produce A Strategic Plan
How To Work At Home
How To Achieve A Work/Life Balance
How To Travel Wisely
How To Be A Top Secret Spy
How To Save Water
How To Save Energy
How To Save The World

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  • Jan

    I have read all of these and put much of the advice into practice – I have also recommended this site to friends. I really appreciate all the effort put into the writing of these life skills. Thank you