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This page of the "Life Skills" section of the web site could literally be a life-saver, since a stroke can be difficult to recognise but, if identified and reported quickly, can be treated very effectively.

The most common, typical symptoms of a stroke are:

These signs may only last a few hours (called a Transient Ischaemic Attack TIA) but must not be ignored.

If you think that someone around you is having or has had a stroke, the best tests to identify whether this is the case can be remembered from the intitials F.A.S.T.. This requires an assessment of three specific symptoms of a stroke:

To repeat: failure to perform any these simple tasks should be taken as a sign of a likely stroke and emergency services should be called at once.

Note: My mother had a stroke while she was alone. I wish that I'd be there and known what to recognise.

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Last modified on 31 January 2011

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