Our time in Havana

In between attending my son’s wedding in South Wales, reading papers for the New National Consumer Council Board meeting, and trying to reduce further all the outstanding e-mails, I used some of this cold Easter weekend to write up an account of our time in Havana as part of my web page on our recent trip to Cuba. You can check it out here


  • Janet

    Dear Roger & Vee,
    We were hugely entertained by your description of a place we’ve always wanted to visit. We’re even more keen to go now – I like the idea of having my bum fondled in a foreign city. I might even acquire a taste for mojitos.
    Janet (and Nick)

  • Roger Darlington

    Go before it changes too much or the mojitos run out!

  • Ann Samuel

    Dear Roger,
    I very much enjoyed reading your report of our trip to Cuba, especially as I have just finished reading the Martin Cruz Smith book. I’ve recommended your web site to a couple of friends who wanted to know more about Cuba
    Ann (and Bill)


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