How to visit London

The ‘Like Skills’ section of my web site contains my ‘how to’ advice on 23 topics from “How to be happy” to “How to be a top secret spy”.
A friend has drawn my attention to a different sort of ‘how to’ advice: “How to fit in when visiting London”.
Since this is the city where I have lived and worked for 35 years, I read it with interest and it all seems very sensible. It doesn’t tell you where the best cafes are, but e-mail if you’re coming and perhaps I’ll show you one or two.


  • funkypancake

    you can find a nice line in cafe reviews here:

  • Janet

    I like the reminders about words on the Wikihow site. With a foreign language you KNOW you don’t know the words, but between American and English, you suddenly find words meaning something different from what you think. “Toilets = Restroom” is well known, but on my last visit I did quite a lot of driving, and had forgotten that the road is the pavement and the pavement is the sidewalk. (Don’t worry, I did drive in the right place!)