Can I have your permission?

From time to time, I’m approached by individuals and organisations who wish to use material from my web site, usually for educational purposes – and, of course, I always agree. The latest request comes from a UK organisation called Taecanet Springboard.
This service was founded in October 2003, to provide teachers with a easy to use web environment, where they can build and share with other teachers, “Learning journeys” directed at enabling pupils to achieve high levels of attainment in meeting core curriculum objectives. By October 2006, the Taecanet service had 330 schools subscribing, which is forecast to rise to 900 over the next 12 months.
And, of all the sections on my web site, which one do you think Taecanet Springboard wishes to use?

For some reason, it’s the section on “How To Resolve Conflict”.

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