Two more fun days with my darling granddaughter Catrin

I haven’t blogged for a couple of days because my hands have been full looking after my granddaughter Catrin who is now almost four and a half.

Almost a year ago, I blogged about a visit we made to Legoland and I commented then: “This was something of a trial run to see if I could manage the logistics and if she would like the place. The travel went fine and she enjoyed it, but I think that she’s still a bit young to get the most out of it, so we’ll leave another visit for a while.”

This week, we returned to Legoland in Windsor and had a terrific time.  The journey there involved a taxi, a train and a bus, but Catrin was fine with the travelling (I suppose the children’s fairy stories on my iPhone helped). It was the perfect day to be there: the weather was warm but not too hot and there were not too many visitors so we hardly had to queue for any rides.  I knew my way around better this time and took her to more age-appropriate sections and, in any event, she is a year older and up for all sorts of fun.

We went on lots of rides together: a helicopter ride, a submarine ride, a tower ride, and (twice) a boat ride past Lego figures illustrating various fairy stories. But Catrin was just as happy climbing and sliding in various adventures playground areas. Also she adored the splash area getting thoroughly soaked.

Catrin and I at the submarine ride in Legoland

We were out almost 11 hours before we returned to my home for a sleepover. She was still excited but I got her to sleep with stories and cuddles in the bedroom next to ours. I thought she might sleep through the night after such an exhausting day but, about 1 am, a little face appeared next to mine as I lay in bed fast asleep. She climbed into bed with us and fell fast asleep again. Then, about 7 am, a little voice announced: “I’m awake now. Let’s get up.”

Our second day together was in London and it was a really hot day. First, we had to plant a conker (which we found at Legoland) in Vee’s garden. Then we had to make a Lego kit that we had bought at Legoland: a princess and her bedroom.  Next we went out for the day.

At South Kensington, I took her to what I announced was the best ice cream shop in London. Then, suitably cooled down, we went round the corner to the Victoria and Albert Museum – not to look at all the fine art but so that Catrin could splash in the large pond in the central courtyard.

Next stop was London’s South Bank to meet my friend Ellie Stoneley – a very special mum – and her daughter Hope who is about a year younger than Catrin (they have met once before in Cambridge). We started in the extensive sand area where the kids could pretend to be at the beach. Then we went to the Appearing Rooms Fountain which is a very popular annual attraction. This was the third time in two days that Catrin had enjoyed a water feature and that girl just adores the water. The four of us finished up at Gabriel’s Wharf for refreshments and more play.

Catrin was brilliant the whole two days: well-behaved, immensely chatty, and loads of fun. I was one happy granddad.

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