Catrin and I go on an adventure to Legoland

Regular visitors to this blog will know that I try to see my granddaughter Catrin – now three and a half – once each week. However, I was not needed in the past couple of weeks, so I went three weeks without seeing her and then this week I am childminding one evening, looking after her all day the next day, and childminding again the next evening. That’s how it goes …

Even in the three weeks since I had last seen Catrin, she seemed to have grown up and she was still more fluent.

For our whole day together (her nursery was closed), I decided to go on our biggest adventure together and took her to Legoland in Windsor. This was something of a trial run to see if I could manage the logistics and if she would like the place. The travel went fine and she enjoyed it, but I think that she’s still a bit young to get the most out of it, so we’ll leave another visit for a while.

Catrin went on all sorts of rides and loved the pirate show, but her most enjoyable encounter seemed to be with a life-sized Lego version of a cowboy. I put on an American voice and pretended that he was taking to her and she adored that.

Granddad and Catrin on a big wheel

Catrin makes a new friend
(with granddad’s voice)

Catrin with her car for Formula One

It was a really hot day and quite busy, so Catrin did very well coping with the heat and crowds.

I wear a pedometer to encourage me to to walk the recommended 10,000 steps a day. Usually I only manage around 5,000-6,000, but today I went over 20,000!

Don’t worry – Catrin didn’t do 20,000 steps. A lot of my walking was collecting her from her parents and returning her and a fair bit of my walking in Legoland was with Catrin on my shoulders. Boy, granddad needs a rest now …


  • Peter Clark

    I’m also a grandfather – the pedometer sounds like a good idea . . . but what I need first is a 12 volt battery connected to each ear lobe with crocodile clips and a sensor that hits me with 12v when I’ve sat on my bum too long !!


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