A lovely day in London with Yasmin and Lucas

Here in London, it’s half term this week and Vee and I have some major childminding duties. First, for two days and two nights we are looking after Yasmin and Lucas, the daughter and son of Vee’s nephew. Then I have an evening babysitting our granddaughter Catrin at her home. Finally, at the weekend,  we will be looking after Catrin here for two days and one night.

Today we took Yasmin (almost 7) and Lucas (4) into central London where we had lots of fun. We visited the London Aquarium and we went on the London Eye. At the aquarium, the kids loved the jelly fish, clown fish, sea horses, flying mantas, sea turtles, sharks, and penguins. On the Eye, they observed the River Thames, the Houses of Parliament, County Hall,  Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, red double decker buses crossing Westminster Bridge, and people like ants on the South Bank.

We had lunch – delicious baguettes and cakes – at the lovely “BB Bakery”.

Lucas & Yasmin on Westminster Bridge
overlooking the Thames & London Eye

Vee with Yasmin & Lucas at the entrance of
the London Aquarium with its giant penguin

Inside the London Aquarium, Yasmin & Lucas
take turns at stroking a star fish

Lucas & Yasmin in a pod on the London Eye
overlooking the Thames & Parliament

Yasmin’s toy turtle from the aquarium
– immediately named Emily –
enjoys the view of Big Ben

Yasmin and Lucas were so good, but we all arrived home exhausted. We have a liitle time now to rest before they dress up for Halloween and all the kids in the neighbourhood call on us for ‘trick or treat’. Boy, we’ll sleep tonight.

Footnote (1/11/12): Yasmin and Lucas dressed up for Halloween and we took them out for a little while of ‘trick or treat’. Then we went home and waited for the visitors. Between 6-7.45 pm, the doorbell went 14 times and we had no less than 51 visitors. A good job we had lots of sweets in a big bucket for the gouls and witches and other horrors.

Lucas as a muscular Spider-Man and
Yasmin as a witch with her black cat

And, yes, we all slept solidly after such a full and fun day.

One Comment

  • Trish Hughes

    What a great experience for all of you, having the day in London. It is something the kids will not forget and cemented in their childhood memories.

    Hope you are both well and looking forward to your holiday down under.

    Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

    Love Trish & Gavin xo


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