My latest appointment in the comms sector – or how a damsel is coming to help those in distress

Today 4G mobile services arrive in the UK delivered by EE using its existing spectrum. This initiative has acted as a spur to bring about an agreement that the auctions for new spectrum for 4G will be brought forward to the New Year so that EE should have competition by the late summer of 2013.

Part of the spectrum that will be auctioned is 800 MHz which unfortunately will interfere with the reception of some DTT viewers and the Government has set out a package of measures to mitigate such problems. Originally the company that would implement these mitigation measures was dubbed MitCo but it is now called Digital Mobile Spectrum Ltd (DMSL) or ‘Damsel’.

The performance of DMSL will be monitored by an Oversight Board and, between now and April 2013, an Interim Oversight Board. Members of the Interim Oversight Board have been appointed and meet for the first time today at Ofcom Headquarters.

Membership of this Board includes “a non-executive member experienced in matters concerning consumer interests” and I have been appointed to this position, so I will be at this morning’s meeting,

My full portfolio of appointments now looks like this.


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