What’s the name of that tower?

I’ve recently been a couple of times to visit the British Recorded Music Industry to discuss some work (more of that in the future). The central London offices of the organisation are located in the former County Hall overlooking the Houses of Parliament and our meeting room had a great view of the clock tower at Westminster. But what is the name of the tower?

Everyone calls it Big Ben but that is in ¬†fact the name of the largest bell and not of the tower at the top of which its sits. Originally called simply the Clock Tower, since Victorian times it has been called St Stephen’s Tower. But this month it has been renamed the Elizabeth Tower to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

I’m not sure that the name will catch on, but it does create a certain symmetry since, at the other end of the Palace of Westmintser, we have the Victoria Tower, named after another long-reigning female monarch.


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