Don’t forget the Internoughts

“Those gazing towards the sunlit digital uplands must not forget those among our citizens – including three-quarters of socially excluded people and a half of people on low incomes – who have no access to the internet or do not use it. They must not be left behind as the government’s use of the internet gathers pace.”

This is an extract from a media release to mark the publication of a not altogether complimentary report on government websites and their use from the Public Accounts Committee.

One Comment

  • Mavis Smith

    Wider publicity about computer lessons provided free for pensioners and certain incomes groups.
    Libraries which have computer access and in most cases free.
    Local community centres often have computers and trainers and free access.
    You never see an advert of the tv in the afternoons to inform OAPs what is available.
    Its amazing what word of mouth does. So maybe a publicity campaign would help.


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