What I love about my New iPad

As I explained in this posting, it was my birthday on Monday and I treated myself by ordering online the latest (third generation) version of the iPad. It duly arrived by post on Wednesday. Already there are many things that I love about it:

  • It has my name and mobile number engraved on the back.
  • It was incredibly easy to set up – even for me.
  • It automatically downloaded all the apps that I had on my old (first generation) iPad.
  • It is slimmer than the old iPad.
  • It is lighter than the old iPad.
  • The screen is much sharper.
  • It downloads my new e-mail even faster.
  • It loads web pages even faster.
  • I now have the iPad version of the “Guardian” (free because I subscribe to the print version).
  • I have the clever cover which switches the thing on when you open the cover.
  • The cover also acts as a stand with variable positions.

There are other features of the New iPad that I need to learn over the weeks ahead. Also apparently there are other uses for the New iPad that I haven’t explored yet – such as this one:



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