Too young to die

There is an interesting think piece here about how we determine the appropriateness of a particular life span.
My wife lost her brother when he was 21, her father when he was 42, and her mother when she was 63. When people complain about growing older, she rightly points out that those who reach maturer years are the fortunate ones.

One Comment

  • Janet

    That’s an interesting link Roger, I didn’t hear that “Thought for the day”. I think that our expectation of life span is coloured consciously or subconsciously by the Biblical “three score years and ten”. Certainly in my experience people who have lost loved ones before the age of 70 feel short changed, whilst those older are generally deemed to “have had a good innings”.
    On a flippant note, your mathematical sequence suggests that Vee and her sister between them have got till 84 and 106!


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