Keeping you posted

In my capacity as Chairman of the London Region of Postwatch, I’ve attended no less than four meetings today to discuss the proposals to close 169 post offices in the capital:

  1. I was at the House of Commons for an hour to meet a Member of Parliament to talk about two proposed closures in his constituency.
  2. I was at Postwatch Headquarters for an hour to review the London programme with our London Regional Manager.
  3. I was at the Oversight & Scrutiny Committee of Haringey Council for over two hours to given evidence on six proposed closures in the Borough,
  4. I was at a public meeting in Kensington & Chelsea to speak on the proposal to close two offices in that Borough. This last meeting was the most exciting. There were around 250 people filling a hall and the speakers included former Conservative Cabinet Minister and local MP Malcolm Rifkin and former Labour Cabinet Minister and local resident Tony Benn.

It is because of this public consultation programme – which ends next week – that I haven’t been blogging much recently …

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