Does the UK need a new flag?

To be honest, the thought had not occurred to me until I read this article today. I had not appreciated that apparently the Welsh are unhappy with the current flag because it does not include the the cross of St David or the Welsh dragon.
Our flag was introduced in 1606 following the accession of James VI of Scotland to the English throne as James I when the cross of St George was combined with the saltire of St Andrew. This principle continued in 1801 when the St Patrick cross was incorporated following the Union with Ireland Act 1800.
You can read a fuller history of the Union Jack – as the UK’s flag is commonly called – here.

One Comment


    OK – new flag – simple.
    Shamrock – Northern Ireland (yes its the official flower)
    Daffodil – Wales
    Thistle – Scotland (they are prickly people)
    Rose (better make it multicolour) England.
    Then everybody can shut up whinging on.