Lincoln at Gettysburg

One of my favourite sayings is: “It’s isn’t over till it’s over – and then it isn’t over.” You think something is history and then somebody or something comes along to change your perception of things.
The child who finds that her parent is actually not her parent at all because she was in fact adopted. The wife who finds that her happy marriage was a sham because her husband has been having an affair for years. The relative you thought was dead who turns up alive.
The discovery of the Gnostic Gospels that changes our view of Christianity. The body of Christopher Columbus in Seville Cathedral that turns out not be be him. The weapons of mass destruction held by Saddam Hussein that turn out not to exist.
In this vein, there’s excitement among my American brethen because it may be that a new photograph has been discovered showing Abraham Lincoln arriving at Gettysburg to deliver his famous address. You can check it put here.

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  • Nick

    I was surprised that you should throw the discovery of the gnostic gospels into the equation. Although there was a big fuss about them at the time of their rediscovery, they have had no real effect upon Christian ideas and teaching. Gnosticism as a philosophy is quite at odds with Christianity. The other gospels were certainly known about by the early councils of the Church, and were not included in the canon as they were considered unreliable.