World Book Night and me

World Book Night – now in its second year – is a unique collaboration between publishers, booksellers, librarians, writers and individual members of the public – all of whom are committed to sharing their love of books and reading with the wider world and through participating in the giving away of 1,000,000 specially printed books.

Members of the public are invited to apply to be one of the 20,000 givers of 24 copies of their chosen book selected from the list of 25. The books will be distributed by givers on World Book Night on 23 April 2012 and further copies will be distributed centrally by World Book Night through prisons, libraries, hospitals and other places where books are not readily available in line with World Book Night’s charitable objectives.

I have applied to be one of the givers. Which book have I selected? “The Remains Of The Day” by Kazuo Ishiguro. Why? Because the main characters in the book – which I have not actually read myself – work for Lord Darlington which is my surname. I thought this would be a good hook to encourage me and my friends to read this acclaimed novel.


  • Calvin Allen

    It’s a terrific choice, Roger. And do take a careful note of the author’s personal dedication!

    But don’t hold out too many hopes for a noble Lord Darlington. He plays a key role in the development of the novel, but his actions in themselves are not sympathetic. Ishiguro accurately (and concisely) portrays the approach of many of the aristocracy of the time.

    But, as a novel, it is simply sublime.

  • Roger Darlington

    Thanks for the encouragement, Calvin. Now, if i don’t get selected, I’ll have to buy the novel fro myself.


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