My role in “Coronation Street”

Over the last six weeks, I’ve done an unusual amount of travel: Sarajevo for a short break with my sister, Prague to attend the graduation ceremony of a dear friend, Inverness for a meeting of the Ofcom Consumer Panel, Zagreb to give two presentations at a conference, and now this week Manchester mainly to attend number of events organised by Ofcom’s Advisory Committee for England.
Now I lived in Manchester until I was 23 and my brother and his family still live there, so I went up early to visit them before embarking on the Ofcom events. I was able to make short visits to an exhibition centre called Urbis and to the Museum of Science & Industry.
Once I left my brother’s place, I moved to the Hilton Hotel which is located in the Beetham Tower. At 171m tall, this is the tallest building in Manchester. It has the UK’s highest living space and it is the UK’s tallest building outside London.
One of the highlights of my return to Manchester was a visit that Ofcom Committee made to the outdoor set and indoor stages used by the Granada television series “Coronation Street”. The “Street” is the longest-running soap on British television and has been running since 1960.

Standing second from left – that’s me outside the “Rover’s Return”

Pulling a pint in the “Rover’s Return”

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