Remembering Nicholas Winton

The media has dubbed him Britain’s Oskar Schindler but his story is by no means as well-known as that of Schindler. He is Nicholas Winton and he is still alive, aged a remarkable 102.

In the months prior to the outbreak of the Second World War, he organised groups of Jewish children from Czechoslovakia on to trains from Prague to London. In the process, he saved some 669 lives from almost certain death in the Nazi concentration camps.

A few days ago, Vee and I viewed a documentary about Winton which featured an interview with him and some of those he saved. One of them was Vera Shaufeld with whom Vee used to work at Brent Language Service.

Some years ago, we saw a film about the ‘kindertransport’ entitled “Into The Arms of Strangers” [my review here].


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