A special wedding in a special place

This August Bank Holiday weekend, two of my great loves – friendship and films – came together when Vee and I attended a wedding at Pinewood Studios, some 30 miles west of London.
It was the wedding of the elder son Oliver ‘Olly’ Sloboda of our very close friends Ivan and Ros. His bride was the beautiful former Miss Hong Kong Victoria ‘Vickii’ Jolly. Vickii was true to form by being 40 minutes late for the wedding ceremony, but the couple were blessed by perfect weather in this most miserable of summers. The best man James ‘Jimbo’ Evans was also true to form in being nervous but funny and scored on the technological front by using a PC to project some amusing photos of Olly including excerpts from the stag weekend in Krakow. Really the groom should have taken the bride’s surname and then he would have been known as Olly Jolly.
The Pinewood Studios venue was wonderful. The wedding ceremony itself was in the Gatsby Suite, a large conservatory built especially for the film “The Great Gatsby”. It overlooked the spacious grounds which featured in the opening scenes of “From Russia With Love” when it initially seemed as if James Bond had been killed . So many famous movies have been shot here from the “Carry On ..” comedies to a “Lara Croft” adventure. In fact, Olly’s younger brother Nick discovered me wandering the corridors looking at some of the displays about films produced at the studios.

Olly and Vickii with guests (Roger back at left)

Olly’s mother Ros with Vee in background