Why Wales is moving to England

It’s totally free to use; yet it has 3.6 million articles in English alone and has material in a total of 278 languages; every month, there are 11.6 million edits and over 400 million visits; it is funded largely by donations and has just raised $16 million in 59 days; it’s probably worth in the region of $5 billion but it’s not for sale. It is, of course, the Wikipedia web site, the place I visit most frequently on the Net.

As explained in this interview, co-founder American Jimmy Wales is about to relocate to England. Why? He wishes to be with his current partner, Kate Garvey who used to be Diary Secretary to Tony Blair when he was Prime Minister. The couple met at Davos.

In his memoir “A Journey” which I’ve just finished reading [my review here], Blair writes of Garvey: “She ran the diary with a grip of iron and was quite prepared to squeeze the balls very hard indeed of anyone who interfered, but with a winning smile, of course”. Watch out, Jimmy.


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