Stories from Israel (1)

I love travelling to different countries and meeting people from different cultures. So I was delighted to have the opportunity this Easter to spend a week visiting Israel with a good Jewish friend who once spent 18 years living there. As well as seeing many places, I was able to meet some of his friends and hear their stories.
You can read my account of the trip here.

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  • Mavis

    I enjoyed reading about your trip to Israel and obviously you are still learning and listening.
    A close friend of mine (now 83) was the Communications Officer in the King David Hotel when it was blown up. Isobel received the Military Medal (MM) for saving all of her telephonists that day. On her discharge from the forces she became a telephonist. I knew her for 30 years before we got to know about the MM and we still keep in touch.
    Needless to say she does not bear a grudge against Israel. Just wishes we had got out of Israel earlier.