I see my 2,000th film

I have a lifelong love of the cinema which I’ve explained here. Throughout the nearly 50 years that I’ve kept a daily diary, I’ve recorded all the films that I’ve seen at the cinema, on television, and on VCR or DVD and maintained a card index system to note when I’ve seen (or re-seen) each film.

Over Christmas, I always see more movies and this festive season I saw my 2,000th film. The choice was accidental: “The Other Boleyn Girl” [my review here]. You can access many hundreds of my other film reviews here.

I don’t know that I see that many more films than many other people – around one a week – but I’ve done that consistently for five decades and recorded and remembered each one. It would be good to think that I could clock up another 1,000 before I visit that great cinema in the sky.


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