The launch of the High Pay Commission

I was really pleased to see earlier this week the official launch of The High Pay Commission. The Commission is an independent inquiry into top pay in the private sector. It will look at the reasons for the gap between high and low pay in the UK in recent years and why this matters

The Commission was established by Compass and is supported by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. It was established to be independent from any political party or organisation.

The Commission will run for one year from November 2010 it is chaired by Deborah Hargreaves, highly regarded ex-business editor of the “Financial Times”.

She will be joined by a panel of five Commissioners from business, trade unions and academia. They include: Lord Richard Newby; Brian Bailey, Director of Pensions full time for the West Midlands Pension Fund; Robert Talbut, CIO of Royal London Asset Management; Frances O’Grady, Deputy General Secretary of the TUC and Professor Michael Taylor, former Director of Christian Aid.


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