It’s Obamania

So far, every American President since George Washington founded the nation has been a white, male Christian. In November 2008, that might change. New Mexico’s Democratic governor, Bill Richardson, might become the first Hispanic President. More likely, Hillary Clinton could become the first woman to be President. Another possibility is that Republican Mitt Romney could be the first Mormon to be President.
My own hope is that the next President of the United States in the junior Senator from Illinois Barack Obama who would be the first black head of state in America’s history. I’ve been blogging about him for two and a half years and the current buzz around his almost certain candidature is a kind of mania. But Americans are desperate for a different kind of politican and Obama is responding to that call with comments like: “Our fight is not with each other. I would assert it is not even with the other party. It is cynicism that we fight against.”
Today’s “Observer” newspaper has a two-page spread on the guy.

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  • Roger Darlington

    An American friend in Illinois comments:
    I definitely did find this to be of interest! Thank you for writing it.
    There certainly is no lack of talented candidates, but I agree that Obama
    would be able to bring all groups together. I would be excited to see
    Hillary as my president, but she comes with too much baggage and is seen as
    devisive. I don’t think she is electable. But there is so much hype for
    everyone right now, that I’m sure we will all be tired of the whole thing
    before the convention.