“The Day Of Reckoning”

I’ve just put my latest short story on my web site. It’s entitled “The Day Of Reckoning” and you can read it here.

Please let me know what you think.

I’ve been writing short stories for a year now and this is my 23rd. You can check out the others here.


  • Ralph

    Wow, great imaginative story Rog, well done our kid!

  • Art Shostak


    Quixotic, engaging, provacative, cogent, and topped off with a surprisng and satisfying closing.

    While I think Madame President could have made an even stronger case – as by citing world-wide voluntarism efforts, gains against illiteracy, gains in public health, and the such, she does a fine job in a tense setting,

    Thank goodness the call came and she took it – and explained it as she did.

    Now, time for all of us to “get on with it.”

  • Georgeanne Lamont

    Very remarkable. Brilliant.

  • Andy

    Quite good, Roger. I like the ‘Socratic dialogue’ format – a good vehicle.

    Utterly unbelievable, though. The Visitor, if he/she has any sense, would have to terminate the human species a.s.a.p. because the experiment has clearly gone rogue.

    More power to your pen. (More clout to your keyboard?)

  • Ros

    Different! I liked it

  • Jen

    wow – what a great idea. I really enjoyed it: it showed humanity in its complexity both quickly and effectively. Not an easy thing to capture and yet you do, persusasively. And both were quite endearing characters, though I did think she let him into her office very easily!

    The one question that I have is his parting comment. ‘Try harder’… does that not reinforce the whole: ‘try harder, do more… conquer, exploit, and ultimately decimate? Does it not reinforce the mind-frame that got us the less pleasant aspects?

    Could there be a different, more quixotical invocation…. Try softer…. Try kinder…. Try… genuine equality… compassion… listening… I don’t know what exactly, it’s just a thought.

  • Roger Darlington

    Good comments on my story, Jen.

    As you found, I think that an alternative word to ‘harder’ is hard (!) to find.

    Also it is a rather opaque word and I rather like that ambiguity.

  • Jen

    Yes… I can see the point of its opacity. It is a good word because it leaves me thinking.


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