Ask Ed Miliband a question

My son Richard is currently working for the think tank Demos on its Open Left project. The project is running an online question & answer session with each of the five candidates for the Labour Party leadership.

In the first of the Open Left’s online Q &As, Ed Miliband, the Shadow Climate Change Secretary and MP for Doncaster North, will discuss his ideas for the future of the Left and answer questions on how social democrats should respond to the challenges of the 21st century.

Richard is keen to obtain a good selection of questions, so I would encourage you to e-mail a question here.

I have submitted the following question:

‘I wonder if you have read, or are at least familiar with the arguments in,”The Spirit Level” by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett. If so, you will know that they insist that,  on a whole range of significant social indicators, countries with less inequality do markedly better than those with greater inequality. The UK, of course, has one of the widest income distributions in the developed world.

Do you believe that it should be the role of government to narrow inequalities in income and wealth and, if so, what instruments would you advocate to achieve this?’

One Comment

  • rich

    Why is the government making it harder for people who have it hard all ready there are some of us that take 2 jobs to look after our family’s and struggle so hard to get along and now taxs have gone up its even harder why is the government making it so hard for the normal family who work all ours of every day to survive when they could be lowering taxes for the normal work hard people and make it easy for every one and put a tax on football they have it so easy and make stupid amounts of money for kicking a ball why cant they be taxed say if they earn over 100000 in a year half of that is taxed so if they earn 100000 in 1 year they get 50000 and the other 50000 to the government they still get a good wage and the hard working people get there taxes lowered


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