A review of the horror movie “Bird Box”

In 2018, two films were issued with remarkably similar storylines. In both “A Quiet Place” and “Bird Box”, the world was taken over by an alien force that very quickly and very largely wiped out the human population. Both works involved a feisty woman leading a local fight-back and endeavouring to locate other survivors and both women had babies in the mayhem.

In “A Quiet Place”, the creatures had acute hearing but poor sight, so humans could move around but not make a sound and resorted to communicating by sign language. In “Bird Box”, the invaders could be sensed by birds – hence the title – but, if a person looked at them, they immediately became suicidal or psychotic, so people could only move around outside if they wore blindfolds. Pretty similar, huh?

You might have heard of “A Quiet Place – which stars Emily Blunt – because it did well at the box office and spawned a sequel. You may well not have heard of “Bird Box” – which stars Sandra Bullock – because the critics were not keen although it did well on Netflix.

“Bird Box” has its gory moments with elements of a zombie movie and even a touch of ghost story, but it is well-constructed and worth seeing for Bullock’s performance plus those of a range of support actors headed by the redoubtable John Malkovich.


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