A review of the 2019 film “21 Bridges”

The critics were quite hard on this movie but I found it entertaining enough. The plot centres on a New York Police Department detective on the hunt for two cop killers who persuades the authorities to close all the bridges from Manhattan for the night in order to track down the villains. Of course, there are complications along the way in an action-packed hour and a half or so.

What, I guess, elevates the film is the casting of Chadwick Boseman as the principled crusader. This was the last of Boseman’s work to be released before he died from cancer and reminds us what a really talented actor he was. Support roles are filled by Sienna Miller and J.K. Simmons adding to the film’s watchability.

In fact, while there are 21 connections in and out of Manhattan, only 17 of these are actually bridges, the remaining four being tunnels. Also, although there are some fine aerial shots of Manhattan, the film was shot on the streets of Philadelphia. 


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