A review of the new film “The Power Of The Dog”

In a career of 30 odd years, New Zealander Jane Campion has only directed eight feature films and one of them was the wonderful “The Piano”. There has been a period of 12 years between “Bright Star” and “The Power Of The Dog”. This latest work, which she both wrote and directed, is a kind of western set in Montana in 1925 but it is really a tale of repressed sexuality based on a cult novel and therefore can be compared to “Brokeback Mountain”. 

The archetypal art house movie is one with slowness and opacity and this film is very slow (indeed glacial) and very opaque (starting with the title itself). Furthermore I found the the sudden transformation of the central wounded character unconvincing. However, the acting, most notably by the English Benedict Cumberbatch, is distinguished and the cinematography – it was actually shot in New Zealand – is wonderful. Whatever I think, the critics have lauded this film and it is set to win many awards. 


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