A review of the new Disney animation movie “Encanto”

For the third consecutive weekend, I spent part of Saturday taking my two granddaughters (almost 11 and 5) to see a new animated movie. I have to say that, from my adult (73) point of view, this was by far the best.

Set in rural Colombia, the colours are wonderfully vibrant and the visuals are quite inventive. The Madrigal family – each of whom, except one, has a special power conferred by an enchanted candle – are delightful. And the soundtrack from Lin-Manual Miranda of “Hamilton” fame is joyous and catchy.

The point of view is that of Mirabel, the one without any powers, who of course turns out to be the true star. So another Disney animation heroine (think “Frozen” and “Moana’) and another success for the studio.


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