A break in Slovenia to visit Lake Bled and Ljubljana

For many years now, top of my bucket list has been, for as long as I have the health and wealth, to have visited as many countries as my age. I am currently 73 and I’ve visited a total of 77 countries.

Of course, as for everyone on the planet, the global pandemic has severely curtailed my travelling. It’s now two years since I’ve been abroad and I’m really keen to travel again. Since the pandemic is far from over, I don’t feel confident enough yet to travel outside Europe and I always like to travel to a new country, so I’m off now to Slovenia – my 78th country.

Slovenia is a tiny nation – just 2.1 million (I live in London which has a population of 8 million). Between the two world wars, it was part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. In the Second World War, it was occupied by the Germans, Italians and Hungarians. Between 1945 and 1991, it was part of the former Yugoslavia, but it is now a member of the European Union and the Eurozone.

The first half of my holiday will be at Lake Bled. Located in the northwest of Slovenia, Bled is well placed on the edge of a former volcanic lake in the shadow of the picturesque medieval Bled Castle. Apparently this fairy-tale castle, high up on the bluff, houses an expensive restaurant and a museum detailing the area’s history.

In the western part of the lake is Bled Island, which has been the site of a Christian church since the 9th century. I understand that it has become customary for lovers to swim out to the island and ring the church bell, but I’ll probably give that a miss.

The second half of my holiday will be in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. This is more of a quaint provincial town than a capital with a population of just 300,000 (about the size of a London borough). There are many cafés and bars that pack the main square, Presernov Trg.

A funicular goes up to Ljubljana Castle, which dominates the skyline, and the Cathedral of St Nicholas with its classic twin towers. One can cross from the world of the living to the dead through the monumental arch of Zale Cemetery which is described as one of Europe’s prettiest cemeteries.

Note: Slovenia is not to be confused with Slovakia or Slavonia or Slavinia (check them out).


  • Janelle Hartman

    That sounds awesome, Roger. Look forward to hearing about it. Have a great time!

  • Dick Harris

    Hiya Roger, if you are going to Slovenia you shouldn’t miss seeing their little bit of coastline, especially the tiny town of Piran. Also the great cave at Postojna is worth a look.


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