Ever heard of Sobibor?

Sobibor was a Nazi concentration camp in German-occupied Poland where, on 14 October 1943, there was a mass break-out of the 600 prisoners, some 300 managing to escape but only around 60 succeeding in avoiding recapture. This remarkable story is told in a 1987 film with a cast including Alan Arkin and Rutger Hauer which was shot in Yugoslavia. At the end, a voice-over reveals that many of the roles were based on real characters and explains what happened to them afterwards. 

In this English-language production, the main role is given to the Polish leader of the revolt Leon Feldhendler (Arkin). In 2018, a Russian version of the event headlined the role of the Soviet soldier Alexander Pechersky (Hauer in the first film). Surprisingly, knowledge of the uprising was neglected until the 1970s and even today the revolt is not as well-known as it should be. 

Link: Wikipedia page on the camp click here


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