Joe Biden could well become a truly transformational president

Supporters of Joe Biden’s primary challenger Bernie Sanders were convinced that he was too moderate; Biden was branded as ‘Sleepy Joe’ by his presidential opponent Donald Trump; and even many of his supporters thought that he would would Obama Mark 2, that is decent but cautious even conservative.

But, after only a couple of months in the White House, Biden is proving surprisingly successful and radical. He has already overseen the inoculation of 100 million Americans against covid and secured a $1.9 trillion economic recovery package. As Jonthan Freedland states in this article, this could be just the beginning of a performance that could rank him with FDR and LBJ:

“If he can get the pandemic under control and the economy on track, Biden is signalling that he’s ready to act big, and fast, in other spheres. In the pipeline is a green energy and infrastructure plan that, coupled with an education bill, carries an astonishing $3tn price tag. He’s also under pressure to fend off Republican voter suppression efforts, aimed chiefly at keeping black Americans away from the ballot box, by passing a voting rights act, and to make other democratic reforms, whether granting statehood to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico or scrapping the filibuster mechanism – both of which would offset the inbuilt advantage the current system gives to America’s white, rural minority.”


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