A review of the new action movie “Ava”

Jessica Chastain is a fine actor, but she clearly wanted an action hero outing because she takes both the eponymous role as a super assassin and a producer credit in this action-filled drama. If male actors have such tough-guy roles as James Bond, Jason Bourne and John Wick, I for one like to see woman actors in strong female roles such as “The Assassin” and “Atomic Blonde”.

Chastain is not the only talent on show here. John Malkovich and Colin Farrell play members of the same organisation of assassins, while Geena Davis and rapper Common are members of her Boston family. So there are some accomplished actors here and there is plenty of brutal action. The problem is the script with a poor storyline and weak dialogue.

But, heh, there are so few new movies around just now and, at the end of another cold and dark day in yet another coronavirus lockdown, for me “Ava” hit the spot for a compact hour and a half.


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