A review of the 2010 film “Letters To Juliet”

I once made a day trip to Verona in Italy and visited the courtyard where there is a balcony and statue of Juliet as an evocation of the play by Shakespeare. At the time, I didn’t realise that people left letters to Juliet pressed into the walls and that a volunteer group answered any of these communications which carries an address.

This charming film concerns a young American woman Sophie (Amanda Siegfried) who finds a letter written by a British woman called Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) which has laid hidden for 50 years. Sophie writes to Claire, encouraging her to search out the Italian she loved and left so long ago. Will Claire find her Lorenzo and, in helping Claire with her search, will Sophie find her own happiness? Well, what do you think?

Although predictable and sentimental, the movie is amusing and romantic, while the location shooting in Verona and Siena is a delightful bonus.


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