Why are coronavirus infection rates and deaths so much lower in Africa than in the rest of the world?

According to an article in the “Independent” newspaper, it was a year ago today that the first coronavirus case was recorded in China. Since then, the global pandemic has infected 55.1 million and killed 1.33 million.

Every nation on earth and every part of the globe has been impacted by the virus, but surprisingly the continent of Africa – in spite of its poverty and poor health systems – has suffered proportionately fewer infections and lower deaths than other parts of the world. Why? It is still too soon to be sure, but there are five possible factors.

  • Most African governments took early action to combat the virus.
  • Public support for safety measures has been high among Africans.
  • The continent has a young population with few care homes for the aged.
  • Higher temperatures in Africa have helped mitigate the spread of Covid.
  • Many African states have developed good community health systems.

You can find a more detailed discussion of these five factors in this BBC article.


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