How to make £10 billion in two days by doing nothing

Does this sound impossible and crazy? Well, it is possible but it is crazy.

For most people around the world, the coronavirus global pandemic has been a terrible experience. Even if you stayed alive, even if you didn’t actually catch the virus, there’s a good chance that your business has gone bust or your job has disappeared or, at best, that your business or your job is more insecure than you’ve even known.

Meanwhile, however, stock markets – especially in the United States – are behaving as if nothing terrible is happening. In fact, they’re racing up and up.

So, if you happen to be Elon Musk, founder and part-owner of the Tesla car company, you’ve seen your wealth increase by more than $13.3 billion (around £10 billion) in just two days of trading as explained here. Musk had to do nothing to achieve this. Even he thinks the share price is too high. And he’s still only the fourth richest man in the world.


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