I told you a month ago that the 2 metre rule would be revised

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the 2m social-distancing rule in England is to be relaxed from 4 July. From then, people should still try to maintain 2m distance, but new guidance of “one metre plus” will apply where that is not possible.

He also announced that pubs, restaurants, hotels and hairdressers could reopen from 4 July. Speaking at the last daily Downing Street press conference, government chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance said the reduction in distancing was reasonable, but was not risk-free.

His comments were echoed by the chief medical officer for England, Chris Witty, who said people had to stick to the guidance to use “mitigation” – such as face coverings and not sitting face-to-face – when less than 2m from each other.

In all the circumstances, I think that these changes are right as long as we follow the mitigation measures and are ready to reintroduce restrictions if the transmission rate rises.

A month ago, I did a posting looking at the variable international practice on physical distancing and suggesting that the British Government would review and revise the 2 metre rule,


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