A review of the 2017 film “Wonder”

American schoolboy August ‘Auggie’ Pullman (Jacob Tremblay) is well-supported by his mother (Julia Roberts) – who calls him a “wonder” – and father (Owen Wilson) and he needs all the support he can find since he was born with a serious facial deformity called Mandibulofacial Dysostosis or Treacher Collins Syndrome

Based on a novel by Raquel Jaramillo (better known by her pen name R.J. Palacio), this tells the story through the voices of several youngsters, notably Auggie himself, and provides a moving and ultimately heart-warming tale. It is a remarkable performance by young Canadian actor Tremblay, whom I saw in the earlier film “Room” (also an adapatation of a novel), and for this role he wore prosthetic make-up which took an hour and half to apply.


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