My 21st short story

It’s around two and a half months since I ‘published’ one of my short stories on my web site. I was in China for three weeks and than had to write up an account of the trip for my site and catch up on my normal diary.

But today I’ve added a new story – my 21st – which is titled “More Than Lust But Less Than Love”. I hope that you’ll read it and I’d be interested in your feedback.


  • Peter

    Great story, really enjoyed it very much – love the “open” ending . . .

    50 years ago (I’m 70 now), I was in Australia, not for long; just two short years.

    For the first year there I lived in a pretty remote area 90 miles North of Perth – practically nothing there; just a filling station, a convent – and a Hotel, with a barmaid, perhaps a few years older than me.

    We went out on a date together, just once – she took the boy and made the man.

    I moved South to the city shortly afterwards and never stayed in touch.

    Really enjoyed your story . . .

  • David Monkman

    I’ve just read your story “More Than Lust But Less Than Love” and enjoyed it.


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