Georgia on my mind

Georgia has been on my mind this weekend because of my first visit to a Georgian restaurant. The occasion was suggested to Vee and me by our very good friends Eric and Cindy who are going on holiday to Georgia in the summer and wanted to sample the food that they’ll be eating there. The restaurant, in north London, is called “Iberia” and we were all delighted with the food, the wine, and the service.

We started by sharing the cold meze comprising Badrijani, Pkhali, Lobio, salad Olivie and Kuchmachi and the hot meze consisting of Mcvane lobio, Lobio, Blini and Soko. For an explanation of what these names mean, click here. For my main course, I had a Georgian special called Mtsvadi (Shahlik) which is charcoal grilled pork served with plum sauce and baby potatoes and which was delicious. I’m very keen on desserts and the menu only had five options (two of which we were told have now been dropped) but we all enjoyed the Medoki which is a light cake with honey, condensed milk and cocoa.


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