A review of the new version of “The Lion King”

I’ve never seen the original 1994 animated movie musical – my son was too old and I didn’t have grandchildren then. But I decided to catch this 2019 remake even though the granddaughters were away on holiday.

Clearly the main reason for a new version is the advance in technology and it has to be said that this is a spectacular blurring of real life and animated representation in which computers have created African landscapes and animals that look just like a nature documentary but with zooming shots that no human cameraman would be able to record and an outstanding castlist of actors providing the voices.

Of course, animals – whether real or animated – can’t actually act, so sometimes it all feels a little weird, but the reprise is going to make Disney plenty of money. I saw it in IMAX, but deliberately went for 2D, and it was a wonderfully immersive experience. 


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