So two more Government Ministers resign – making how many under May’s premiership?

It has been really hard to keep up with Ministerial resignations since Theresa May became Prime Minister. There were two more yesterday in protest at her decision to talk to Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn to see if they can agree a way out of the Brexit fiasco.

If you thought that, under May’s ‘leadership’, there have been more resignations from government than is usual, you would be right. Even under her short tenure, there have been more than 30, from the Foreign Secretary (Boris Johnson) down.

At the end of this page on the BBC website, there is a fascinating graph showing the number of resignations at each stage of the premiership of the last six occupants of 10 Downing Street. And I’m sure that, in the case of Theresa May, the resignations are not yet over and will soon culminate in her own departure.


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