I’m on the move …

Tomorrow I shall be moving home. This will be my first move in 35 years and will involve massive downsizing, so I have been decluttering substantially over many weeks. Currently I am surrounded by dozens of boxes trying to work out what will go where in the new place.

The move will involve a change in the supplier of my electricity, fixed line, broadband, and television. Oh, and my e-mail address will change as well. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, it might create some (hopefully brief) difficulties with my communications – in which case, you will know why and please bear with me.


  • Adrian Askew

    Roger. Very best of luck and I’ll avoid the inevitable “you’re going to need it”. Oh, sorry.
    I went through the same experience a few years ago. The decluttering was so effective I have since spent hours in the new loft trying to find long lost books, records and various seemingly indispensable bits and pieces. I reckon I will probably track it all down just in time for the next move in about 20 years

  • Roger Darlington

    Thanks, Adrian. I can’t believe how much material I have accumulated. I hope that all the stuff that I’ve dumped is not at the expense of the historical record.


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