Thought the American mid-term elections were over three months ago? Well, not in North Carolina.

This week, North Carolina election officials ordered a new contest in the 9th Congressional District, ending a dramatic months-long investigation into allegations of widespread ballot-tampering and potentially refocusing the national debate about election fraud. 

The board voted unanimously to throw out the November results between Republican Mark Harris and Democrat Dan McCready after Harris, an evangelical minister from Charlotte, admitted under oath that he was mistaken in earlier testimony earlier in the day.

Nationwide, Republicans, led by President Trump, have alleged widespread voter fraud, particularly among non-citizens, and have advocated strict ID laws and criminal prosecutions. Democrats have argued that the kind of in-person fraud Republicans have targeted is rare and have accused their opponents of ignoring actual evidence of campaign-driven fraud because it benefited them.

The “Washington Post” has the full story on election fraud in North Carolina here.


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