Seven of the many things I learned from Joshua (aged 11)

I spent last week in Oxford looking after 11 year old Joshua, the son of my close Chinese friends, while both his parents were in China on separate business trips. In the course of the week, Joshua and I had many discussions and I learned so much from this clever young man including the following:

  • One of the greatest heroes in Greek mythology was someone called Bellerophon – see here.
  • There is a town in Turkey called Batman – see here.
  • Three men have won the Victoria Cross twice – see here.
  • There is a song naming all the elements of the periodic table – see here.
  • A popular children’s novel is “Goodnight Mr Tom” – see here.
  • The smallest unit of measurement is the yocto – see here.
  • The word anatidaephobia means a fear of being observed by a duck – see here.

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