Good work matters – so we should measure it

Measuring good work matters. The UK has an excellent record of strong job creation, with each record low unemployment statistics celebrated in the national media. But why do we not have any similar measures for understanding quality of work and how we can make work better?

Today the Carnegie UK Trust-RSA Measuring Job Quality Working Group launched its report on how we should measure progress on quality work in the UK. The Working Group brought together senior representatives from across industry, trade unions, charities and academia to advance the challenge set out in the Taylor Review of implementing national job quality measurement in the UK.

The report identifies a series of new questions – from work-life balance to mental health, and from opportunities for progression to feelings of purpose, involvement and control at work – which should be added to the annual official Labour Force Survey, the largest and most comprehensive annual household study in the UK, to provide new insights for policy makers and employers on how the changing world is work is affecting workers from around the UK.

Read “Measuring Good Work” or theĀ executive summary.


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