A review of the new film “The Leisure Seeker”

This is not typical Hollywood fare: a movie aimed squarely at the grey demographic and directed by an Italian. The title of this film refers to a 1978 Winnebago recreational vehicle owned by the elderly American couple John and Ella played by Donald Sutherland (now in his 80s) and Helen Mirren (mid 70s), two actors who are both at the top of their game.

He is suffering from worsening dementia, while she is riddled with cancer, but she decides that they can make one last special road trip together. Along the way, they have a series of adventures, some funny, some tragic, some wry.

There are many songs featured in the movie and one is the mid-1970s Themla Houston hit “Don’t Leave Me This Way”. In this story, there is a lot of ‘leaving’: some accidental, some deliberate, some temporary, some permananent. What will not leave the viewer easily are many poignant memories of this quietly moving film.


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