The government’s recognised markets aren’t working — now it’s time to fix them

This is the headline of a blog posting by Citizens Advice about the Government’s Consumer Green Paper published this week.

Citizens Advice highlights four issues especially:

  • Consulting on creating an independent consumer advocate for telecoms. Telecoms is increasingly critical to our lives and our economy and yet — unlike all other essential markets — there’s no statutory independent advocate. We look forward to the government taking necessary steps to address this.
  • Developing scorecards for suppliers in essential markets to hold them to account for outcomes, and name and shame poor performers.
  • Giving the Competition and Markets Authority a new direction, signalling a shift in what good markets look like. The government wants to see them focus more on protecting consumers, incorporate behavioural economics and help fix the country’s productivity crisis.
  • Considering new standards for how people with mental health conditions and cognitive impairments are served in essential markets.


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